Do you accept my dental insurance?

We will submit claims to your PPO dental insurance carrier and will accept insurance payment from them on your behalf. We work with most dental insurance plans. Claims are handled by our office.

My teeth always bleed when I brush, is that a problem?

Bleeding, swollen or red gums are signs of a serious problem in your mouth. It begins as a condition known as gingivitis, which when caught early is reversible without permanent damage. It is caused by plaque that stays on the gums and teeth making them tender, red and likely to bleed. Gingivitis will lead to more serious types of periodontal disease. Gingivitis can be reversed and gums kept healthy by removing plaque daily with good brushing and flossing and by having your teeth professionaly cleaned. Don't avoid areas that bleed! These locations require additional agressive brushing to remove the bacterial plaque causing the problem. Long term bleeding results in tooth supporting bone loss, abscess and eventual tooth loss. You must seek assistance and guidance in these cases.

I have jaw pain but my teeth are OK, what is going on?

Many people have the dental complaint of painful teeth and a sore jaw or joints. This is a condition known as bruxism and is the result of clenching or grinding of the teeth while asleep. This is based on stress and is a chronic condition. Some of the treatment options are a bite assessment and correction of worn or malpositioned teeth. In most cases a night guard is necessary to provide separation of the teeth and protect them while you are asleep. What is known is that allowed to progress this condition will result in the destruction of your teeth and cause you to develop TMJ disorders that may be irreversible.

My teeth are sensitive to cold and the gums are receeding in a couple of areas.

Gum recession is caused by the loss of bony support of the teeth. It is not the result of too aggressive brushing! This condition is chronic and requires an analysis by us to determine the bite relationship and treatment options will be presented to correct the problem.

How can I pay ?

Dental care is important and left untreated will result in more expensive and extensive needs in the future. Many dental issues are the result of minimal treatment  and not addressing the underlying condition. We make an effort to present your best treatment option taking into consideration the whole mouth and a long term treatment plan. This generally can be phased and allows for a pay as you go financial plan. When large dollar amounts are being discussed you may consider the option of paying ahead of the procedure and by making payments over several months having a more comfortable cost to consider. You may use your credit cards, Visa or Mastercard.
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